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Infinity Memorial Systems Phased Columbarium

IInfinity Memorial Systems of the Midwest has a program that allows churches and cemeteries to plan, fund and build their columbarium in phases that match their current need and budget. Then expand as the need grows and as the sale of niches fund the next phase.


Project Introduction

When a church considers a columbarium or memorial garden, they first measure the interest of its members. This can be done with questionnaires or surveys usually in conjunction with concept graphics and even an informational meeting. Infinity Memorial Systems may assist with sample forms, the meeting and the concept graphics once a site and design are determined.


Initial Phase

The interest level will help determine the size of the Initial Phase. Most initial phases have thirty six niches but it can be smaller or larger. Depending on the pricing, typically if members commit to about one third of the niches in the initial phase, the entire project will be funded. For example, if six couples or twelve niches are committed, that will fund a thirty six niche project.


Subsequent Phase(s)

As the remainder of the niches in the Initial Phase are sold those proceeds will more than fund the next phase. This process can be repeated as the need requires until the project is completed and/or another columbarium is added.


Quality and Features You Can Trust

Infinity Memorial Systems™ System provides the same advantages as all of our Infinity Memorial Systems™ columbarium niches, urns and accessories:

  • Compact - fits in any space
  • Modular - expands as needed
  • Design Flexibility - Designed to meet the site and needs of the church.
  • Relocatable - moves with your church or from indoor to outdoor locations
  • Elegant - flexible toward any of your design preferences

Most importantly, Infinity Memorial Systems™ of the Midwest is committed to the success of your columbarium program and provides all of the support you need to ensure that your customers will be well-served and satisfied.

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