Dynamic Products and Opportunities For Cemeterians,
Crematories, and Death Care Providers

Columbarium Industry Solutions

Dynamic Products and Opportunities For Cemeterians, Death Care Providers, and Monoument Vendors

Infinity Memorial Systems™ columbarium niches, urns and other products provide elegant and cost-efficetive solutions for modern business needs.  If you company wants to increase its products, revenue and profits, Infinity Memorial Systems of the Midwest can help. Please contact us if you have interest in any of the following business relationships:

  • Service Providers - To provide urns and services to churches and cemeteries.
  • Monument Vendors - To provide individually designed Family Estate Columbaria.
  • Cemeteries - Market niches and/or urns in free standing columbaria, memorial gardens, mausoleum vault columbaria.

Compact, Modular, Versatile and Elegant

The advance features that make Infinity Memorial Systems™ attractive to churchesalso benefit non-professional operators also benefit industry professionals who need products with the following characteristics:

Compact and Modular

Infinity Memorial Systems™ niches can be configured to meet any design application or business plan.


Infinity Memorial Systems™ niche units are easily disassembled and moved to new locations or incorporated into new columbarium configurations.


Modern materials and expert engineering result in a niche system that will endure the elements better than traditional columbaria constructed from marble, granite, wood or concrete.  The materials are also easier to maintain and refurbish.


Our niche systems allow for flexible installations and configurations that meet your design needs.  Niche units can be combined with other materials and incorporated into a variety of structures.   Infinity Memorial Systems™ allow for a variety of installations and designs including:

  • Memorial walls
  • Gazebos
  • Memorial benches
  • Mausoleum Vault Columbaria
  • Highlighting Cemetery and Mausoleum features

Fast Delivery

In addition to producing a high quality niche system, Infinity Memorial Systems of the Midwest has a significant niche inventory on hand. This allows for quick delivery for most systems and within months for large orders. On-site installation is quick and simple.


Infinity Memorial Systems™ products improve your profitability in many ways:

  • Highlight high traffic area and features
  • More efficient use of space
  • Utilization of remainder spaces
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Versatility for changing needs (Family Estate Columbaria)
  • Cater to the needs of specific customer groups

Infinity Memorial Systems™ of the Midwest can help you build a profitable columbarium or partner with you to provide cremation and other related services for its church and non profit organization customers.  Contact us for more information about becoming one of our strategic partners!

Monument Vendors

Infinity Memorial Systems of the Midwest has partnered with Monument Vendors to meet the demand of a developing market. Family Estate plots are becoming increasingly common at cemeteries. Increasing cremation rates have driven the use of dual niche monuments and benches. Infinity Memorial System’s patented and unique product allows for the production of a Family Estate Columbarium. Infinity Memorial Systems of the Midwest works with local Monument Vendors who then incorporate the Infinity niches into the Family Estate Columbarium they have designed and constructed to meet the family’s wishes. Family Estate columbaria have many niche choices ranging from four up to twenty or more and all of these designs can have less than a 3’ by 3’ footprint. Contact us for more information on becoming a Monument Vendor for the Family Estate Columbarium.



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